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The education of every child and adult is of tremendous concern to Peter Mbah Foundation. We believe that children are the future leaders of tomorrow. To get them equipped for the future, they need to acquire the requisite knowledge at the tender age.

Why Children Education?

A good quality education helps children reach their full potential. Education is the route out of poverty to many children. It gives them the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to improve their lives.

Peter Mbah Foundation works towards making every child and adult in rural communities have access to basic education and support the school system especially at the primary levels with basic educational materials to enhance knowledge and make learning interesting. This we do by supporting the child’s education through provision of scholarship, basic educational materials and provision of library facilities and parade band to Primary schools. We also support the students at the Secondary School level to pay their external examinations and necessary fees.

Why Adult Education?

Peter Mbah Foundation recognizes that adult education is the major tool to remove illiteracy from the society. It gives mature learners the chance to increase their knowledge, develop new skills and improve the career prospects available to them.  A good number of adults in the rural communities are illiterates. To bridge the gap, the Foundation provides evening classes to adults in the communities taking into cognizance their market days.

Health and Sanitation

At Peter Mbah Foundation, we concentrate on improving health and hygiene condition of the rural populace following the popular saying that health is wealth. We conduct mobile outreach and health awareness campaign, support the existing health facilities to be functional and provide one where it is non-existent. We also provide necessary drugs, equipment and requisite health workers to man the facilities. Community members enjoy improve health delivery services.

Open Defecation

Reports we gathered shows that open defecation is widely practiced in rural communities with its implications health wise. In order to curtail and possibly stop open defecation, Peter Mbah Foundation embarked on awareness creation on the dangers of open defecation and how to curtail it.

At Peter Mbah Foundation we engage the various community leaders and decision makers in each of our coverage areas on the need to maintain good hygiene through eradication of open defecation in their various communities and proffer solution. In compliance with our enlightenment programme, some communities placed ban on open defecation with penalty for defaulters. Most importantly, they are keying into the Water Easy Toilet (WET) as alternative, affordable and easy to maintain toilet facility. We plan to extend to some other communities in the nearest future.

Entrepreneurial Training

At Peter Mbah Foundation, we believe that every individual has a unique talent/skill embedded in him/her which can assist the person to control his/her financial future. What we do is to assist the individual harness those skills and get them empowered through professional training and financially.

Why the Entrepreneurial Trainings

A report by the World Poverty Clock shows that Nigeria has overtaken India as the country with the most extreme poor people in the world. Statistics shows that 86.9 million Nigerians now live in extreme poverty representing 50% of its estimated 180 million populations. This statistics is worrisome and is a pointer that a lot need to be done to take our citizens out of poverty.

 Peter Mbah Foundation, with a mandate to improve the living standard of the rural poor, works to bridge this gap by providing entrepreneurial training to the active poor especially  women and youth and supporting them financially. The training also includes agribusiness.

Financial Empowerment

The beneficiaries are trained on various skills of their choice in the Entrepreneurial program and are financially empowered after a successful training. We support start-ups and existing business to grow through provision of funds and facilities needed to boost their businesses. This has contributed in creating employment opportunities, increase in standard of living, restore happiness in homes, improve agricultural production, and reduce youth restiveness in the communities.

The beneficiaries are not left alone to experience their fair share of trials and errors in businesses. We support and monitor their businesses to ensure their growth and sustainability of the project. Since at Peter Mbah Foundation, we are not only interested at the immediate relief but how far our support has gone to improve the lives of other dependents of the beneficiaries. Many community members that are yet to benefit directly from the empowerment scheme are clamoring for it. We plan to make life better for at least 50% of the population in our coverage areas and extend to about 80% in the nearest future.

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