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Celebrating #Her: Chinaza Okeke’s inspiring journey

In the heart of Enugu State, Nigeria, Chinaza Okeke’s journey epitomizes the power of empowerment and inclusion. #She dared, and got the unwavering support of the Peter Mbah Foundation.

Facing the daunting prospect expulsion due to unpaid school fees, Chinaza’s aspirations hung in the balance until Peter Mbah Foundation intervened. Their assistance not only granted her access to education but also ignited a fire within her to reach for her dreams.

Determined and grateful, Chinaza has emerged as a beacon of success, graduating with distinction in accounting from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu. An entrepreneur, she ventured into bakery and juice production with the remaining money she had after offsetting her accumulated school fees. This investment gave birth to her Nazy Bakery World, an avenue to generate sufficient fund that will enable her support her sibling’s education. A testament to her resilience and passion. Indeed, investing in women accelerates progress in every sphere of their life and the society at large. How?

Beyond mere commerce, Nazy Bakery World symbolizes Chinaza’s commitment to uplifting her family and other young girls to move from lack to financial freedom. Through mentorship and collaborative initiatives, she empowers others to pursue their dreams, embodying the foundation’s ethos of nurturing success stories.

Chinaza’s story celebrates the transformative power of empowerment and inclusion, transcending barriers and fostering a society where every individual can thrive. Her journey inspires us to champion inclusion, supporting women to attain their full potentials thereby forging pathways to success for all.