Chikamso Ugwu’s Brain Surgery

17-year-old Chikamson had a congenital benign growth in the brain. The small village of Amaechi okwunano had no means of making the diagnosis. The growth stunted his growth and posed many other challenges. The most worrisome was epileptic fits. Chikamso’s father, a hardworking farmer and tailor, mustered every penny he could and embarked on a journey to find a cure for his son.
The diagnosis was grim – a menacing brain tumour. The weight of the news hung heavily on the Ugwu family, but remarkably, Chikamso, with unwavering optimism, became the pillar of strength for his struggling parents. He firmly believed that the necessary funds for the crucial surgeries would materialize, ensuring a successful outcome.
With the passage of years the fits were getting worse. In July 2023 they managed to scrape enough together to carry out a temporary surgery – a shunt.
It offered some relief. However the doctors warned that it is dangerous to stretch the shunt over a long period.

Faced with a desperate situation, Mr. Kenneth Ugwu started reaching out to charities. His search led him to Peter Mbah Foundation.
We were impressed by his devotion to the wellbeing of his son, his readiness to do whatever he could and more. Providentially the surgery could be done in the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu.

The surgery was successful. Today, Chikamso, the resilient young boy, backed by the compassion of the Peter Mbah Foundation, is not just alive but thriving. In the face of adversity, this story unfolds as a testament to courage, family bonds, and the transformative power of compassionate support